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When involved in the buying-selling process of a house in Cuba it is possible to face some unequal situations when considering houses of the same kind and the same location. Prices may go up and down according to homeowners' appraisals. It is good to know that houses are sold according to square meters, location, amenities, view and constructive condition

Sample imageTherefore, CONTACTING the right Agency to help you BUY, SELL or RENT in Havana is a great step forward. Choosing HH your search, purchase or selling would be a clear and trustful operation. Accompanied by our professional and young staff. 

Some little advices: There are very attractive regions in Havana with high value due to they are back from the 18th and 19th centuries. For instance: Old Havana, Centro Havana, Vedado and in some neighborhoods of Diez de Octubre. These properties display a wide range of architectural designs and structures. The value for these houses is higher than those which are more recent and modern. 

Houses from the 20th century are also attractive because they have splendorous designs in the ceilings, which are not as high as those of the older properties, but are also very interesting. These houses have a higher value than modern ones as well. 

If a house is located in Miramar, Playa near the sea or having sea view, it has a high value due to it is located in a residential neighborhood of Havana. Residential neighborhoods in Havana are the following: Miramar, Kolhy, Siboney, Atabey, Cubanacán, Palatino, Fontanar, Nuevo Vedado, entre otros. Therefore, houses in these locations have a high value. 

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